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KTD Solutions

All Your Tech Needs in a
Single Workspace

KTD Wix Partner

We use Market available products and solutions or utilise your current tech to modify and build efficiencies and improvements where possible. 

We deploy new products, software and solutions or tailor build a solution specific yo your scope of needs.


Solar, Wind and Thermal Product development.

Engineered solutions for Government, Private and Public Sector & Infrastructure.


We Analyse, Test and Improve deployed products in the field and much more.


Create Systems and Solutions to Audit, Assess, Resolve and Improve not only for Client use but to use as a unique tailored solution for their clients and to manage with ease.


At our Technology Solutions company, we specialize in developing Business Systems that can significantly reduce the time and cost of your operations. Our solutions are designed to optimize every aspect of your business, from sales and marketing to customer service and support. With advanced automation features and cutting-edge technology, you can focus on growing your business, while we take care of the rest.


at KTD we pride ourselves on the start to finish deployment of solutions for clients to level up their business and reduce their costs at the same time.

We apply our system deployment and development for our clients and yours.

Be the future that builds the future at KTD.


Get All the Tools You Need
from a Single Point

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