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Combining Battery Technology, Power Management Research, Solar and Wind Technology, Wireless and LoRaWAN, Commercial Environmental applications and finally Zigbee ,Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth we have built remote power and network solutions with iOT technology to allow solutions everywhere.


Whether you seek remote visibility of assets to track livestock movement over a radius of kilometres or obtain remote control of gates and audit and manage equipment a REAMOD is a perfect solution and all are tailored to your needs.

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Create a central control hub to run the automation control of devices on site and manage and audit your assets using a single central point which you can access anywhere globally with a simple login.


Australian Made

Built and designed and researched in Australia but combining best practice and quality tech from around the globe.

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Ideal Temporary Site solutions and redundancy options on your own private network to ensure your have power and internet when it doesn't exist or have a backup when it goes offline. Also reduce high data sim costs by running off a single access point for your entire network,

Image by Troy Mortier

Environmental Solutions

Change your current infrastructure and grid solutions to off the grid solutions to not only reduce carbon emissions but allow you to operate and function where you previously couldn't.

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Priced to Succeed

Every REAMOD is designed and made for you and your needs combining the elements of your budget and power management and network and tech requirements. We have wholesale prices and trade rates.

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